Kingsford Clinic

Welcome to Spinal Solutions Kingsford Chiropractic Clinic!

The highly trained and experienced staff at our Kingsford clinic provides relief from back pain and neck pain (among other things), as well as an elevated feeling of well being, through chiropractic and massage therapy services.

Our Kingsford clinic offers:

  • Chiropractic Services
  • Massage Therapy
  • Custom Orthotics (custom insoles)
  • Science Based Nutrition

Our Kingsford clinic is located at 401 Woodward Avenue, right next to Twin City Dry Cleaning and in the same building as Dr. Nelson Hassell.

Contact us!

401 Woodward Avenue
Kingsford, MI 49802
(906) 828-1772

Call (906) 828-1772 to schedule your appointment!